"Fossils" is a full-length collaborative split between Sons of Perdition and Jaran Hereid, who previously worked together on Yuma Sun's sophomore album, "Hell." This album relays eleven somber tales of broken people, broken towns, and broken limbs.


released March 20, 2015



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Sons of Perdition Austin, Texas

Sons of Perdition are Zebulon Whatley, Simon Broke, Lacy Rose, and Alex Hardie. They play gloomy songs. The band is spread out across the world but centered in Austin, Texas.

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Track Name: Under the Snow
The wind here is cold
Day and night
Keeping us under the snow
Poisonous air everywhere
Keeping us under snow

Our halo won´t glow won´t shine
Our halo won´t glow

Poisonous air everywhere
Keeping us under the snow

Frost covered bones
Teeth scattered like jewels
Keeping us under the snow
A city wrapped coldly in a funeral shroud
Keeping us under the snow

Our halo won’t glow, won’t shine
Our halo won’t glow

Highways and bridges collapsed like bad veins
Keeping us under the snow
Track Name: The Room
There is a tall man
Who is here in my room
And he makes me shiver down to my spine
The city lie still
There is nothing outside
Underneath the red sky filled with snow

There is a tall man
I think he is waiting
And he makes my heart grow cold
And sometimes he speak
In whispers he says
I will let you live, but no one else
Track Name: Toyah
The bones of a giant, ocher and pliant, turn in red sands like a stone in your hand. Sockets frame the moon in the warm, velvet gloom. Veins flail around, bleeding petrol in the ground. Toyah. Alone in all creation, the colossus’ devastation from being forgot in the desert, left to rot. Baying silent at the stars. Prayers sealed up in jars. A Neanderthal god, obsolete and flawed. Toyah.
Track Name: She
She rests, deep underground, down down
Where roses won't live, won't grow

No one knows where she lie, where she died
Where sunlight won't come, won't shine
A tree stands in her stead
Reaching for the sun, up high
A tree grows from her bones
Reaching for the sun, up high

Now, she is just a word
Where did she go?
Where did she go?
She is just a whisper
Where has she gone?
Where has she gone?

She sat in her car, drove on on on
She never came back, back home

No note, no sign, immaculate design
She left with the winds due shift

A tree rose in her stead
Reaching for the stars, up high
A tree grows from her bones
Reaching for the moon, up high
Track Name: The Silence and the Clover
The silence that lays like the fog on a grave. A despondent lover lying dead in the clover. Bottle held in fingers. The bitter smell lingers on the lips, on the clothes, on the clover and the rose. Eyes like dusty mirrors blindly watch the river. Bees hum quiet witness then depart into the distance. The lover lies alone and with time, flesh proffers bone. You’ll find no note from this lover, nor from the absent other. Go elsewhere with your questions. Here you’ll find no facile lessons.
Track Name: Laurie
No night, there´s no day
No light and no time
The trees I saw growing, the trees I learned knowing
Are nowhere to find
No black and no white
No darkness no light
No death and no life
No husband, no wife

No faces to know
No places to go
The ones I learned, the ones I saw growing
Are nowhere to find
No right and no wrong
No laughter, no song
No joy and no pain
No healthy or sane

I can`t find my Laurie
I can´t find my girl anywhere
Track Name: My Blood in These Hills
Forty years in the wilderness have brought me back to this place. Railroad tracks on the skin of the earth, scars on the back of a slave. The ghosts of ancestors awake in the land. Mineshafts howl like hungry throats that swallow men and vomit riches. The Wendigo teeth of insatiable sawblades turning forests into ditches. The ghosts of ancestors call from the land. A solitary shack on the side of a road, empty, silent, and still, surrounded by waves of green pastureland more than a century untilled. The ghosts of ancestors walk in the land. Everything settles slowly into rot but for a name remembered. The veins in this body like so many ropes that bind me to this anchor and draw me into the kingdom; the kingdom of ghosts.
Track Name: Black Wings
John downed the last drops of brandy before he wrote
A note saying I`ll be with you forever
He called his landlord saying they`ll find me on the floor
But not before he sat ready and music was on

´cause this war could not be won
He took his iron twelve gauge gun
And laid eyes on his only son on a picture

Fly on blackened wings

June ate thirty pills that she stole and never woke
A note laid unfinished in her hands
She closed her eyes and floated away into nothingness
In her evening dress she laid beautiful and calm
Her war was over and done
She had no places left to run
She had no reason to stay another day

Fly on blackened wings
Track Name: Tombstone
A sprawling old corpse all tangled in scrub, mummified under the molten gold sun that vomits harsh light, a dime museum display. There isn’t any dignity left in this grave lying in the sun. Tourists buzz about and alight on parched skin, drunk on nostalgia, romance, and vinegar. The floorboards creak with age, atrophy and wilt. Dust powders the windows in delicate silt, staring at the sun, Rafters breach rooflines and trees shatter porches. Fingernails grow after the soul long divorces. Houses erode to sand, dead skin in the wind. Decay at a glacial pace, old as the land and witnessed by the sun. The timbers hang and sag and show the structure beneath: ribs under skin, punished under their feet. That wind a death rattle ripped from the throat of a whore. Hubcaps gleam dully from branches and doors, shining in the sun. Extinguished life, evaporated gasoline. A musty shroud pulled over a face drawn and lean. No spirit haunts these walls, no ghost lingers here. A thousand drowned murmurs all lost in the air, sacrificed to the sun. All dried up and gone. The crowds go howling on.
Track Name: Josephine
Flee Josephine
They have your prints Josephine
Be my only queen
I`ll keep you safe, oh Josephine

We Josephine will be together for eternity
Hide with me oh Josephine
We`ll see the sun again you and me

Falling, I was falling under
Until I saw your face oh Josephine
Falling, I was falling under
Until I heard your name, oh Josephine

No one will come between you and me, oh Josephine
No one to harm you or intervene
You and me oh Josephine

Falling, I was falling under
Until I saw your face oh Josephine
Falling, I was falling under
Until I heard your name, oh Josephine
Track Name: The Untouched Stone
In the sands of Arizona lies a grave so all alone. Whether miner or cowboy fey, that blank red stone won’t say. Someone lived and then they died. Their body planted where it now lies. Their blood drank by thirsty soil. Their brittle bones all bleached and boiled. Once their name was said aloud, but they took it with them into their shroud that cradles bones in folds of cotton, like a memory totally forgotten. And one day soon, just like them, time will stop these tired limbs. My name like my body to dust and all that was me will be lost.