Lost in the Inner Heavens

from by Sons of Perdition



Drywall, space, drywall. Like the covers of a hidden book with pages scrawled in blackened blood. Pages withered and drawn in a wordless, endless shriek. Dusty hair in front of the no-eyes that forever scrutinize the sturdy planks and cobwebs. A plastic tarp for a shawl to wait out eternity. The amber light that falls in like whispers through cracks. Dust hangs on still air like a million cosmonauts all lost in the heavens. Teeth yellowed like a rodent’s in gums the color of soot. And still that lovely auburn hair, enshrouding the skull and laying in clumps on the floor. Wedged in a space that only exists as a non-space.


from Gathered Blood, released September 16, 2016



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Sons of Perdition Austin, Texas

Sons of Perdition are Zebulon Whatley, Simon Broke, Lacy Rose, and Alex Hardie. They play gloomy songs. The band is spread out across the world but centered in Austin, Texas.

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