To Call Down the Old Gods

from by Sons of Perdition



I’ll slice my skin to ribbons and tie them in your hair. Carve unhallowed names in callow flesh. Skin the heavens and hoist you by your hair to call down the old gods. I’ll drag the stars from their firmaments. Douse them in piss and blood. Rend the veil of tenebrous flesh. Smother the sun and unleash the flood to call down the old gods. I’ll summon angels fair and foul and stab them in their backs. Kick their bodies down ebon steps that run with ichor, slick and black, to call down the old gods. I’ll toss you into that suckered mouth of the real abyss, the true absence, the void eternal, the dreamtime. Rouse its thirst and upset the balance and call down the old gods. Witness to a thousand liquescent eyes, a thousand cataracts, a thousand occultations as the piper breaks the wax and calls down the old gods. A thousand moans and idiot howls from a thousand cosmic beasts. A thousand prayers strangled in a thousand throats of a thousand dead priests. We’ll call down the old gods. The aperture is opening....


from Gathered Blood, released September 16, 2016



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Sons of Perdition Austin, Texas

Sons of Perdition are Zebulon Whatley, Simon Broke, Lacy Rose, and Alex Hardie. They play gloomy songs. The band is spread out across the world but centered in Austin, Texas.

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